Personalised experience of eximaps

It’s time to stop using 'traditional' means to achieve ‘advanced’ results in a world where exporters and importers are equipped with the latest in technologies.

Hope, luck and estimates will only take you so far when the EXIM community across developed and many developing markets are using cutting-edge technologies to explore the world of potential buyers and sellers for their merchandise.

Thankfully, Indian exporters and importers now have EXIMAPS at their disposal.

Why not experience a demonstration of this revolutionary technology solution for free?

So, what does this "personalised demo" really mean?

Through the personalised demo, you get:

  • an understanding of EXIMAPS for a product of your choice.
  • a detailed view of how buyer-seller relationships will influence your export-import decisions.
  • an evaluation of industry-specific export-import opportunities.
  • a clear idea of how various foreign markets matter to your EXIM business.
  • a perspective on how product diversification can lead to more lucrative export-import options.
  • an overview of other intelligent trade-based solutions from TDB’s Big Data-laboratory.

Another important question – how do users of EXIMAPS benefit from using it?

Simple. For users of TDB’s cloud-based technology called EXIMAPS, the answer to each of the below-mentioned questions is a resounding "YES".

  • Is finding active and genuine foreign buyers possible and easy?
  • Can you be informed about ‘whatever’ your competitors are doing in business?
  • Can you find out who are the sellers engaged with a buyer?
  • Is it possible to break into the markets that American, Chinese or Vietnamese suppliers are exploiting?
  • Can the fancy sounding ‘Big Data’ be practical, easy-to-use and useful for your export-import business?
  • Can you learn about the basket of products that your buyer is purchasing?
  • Is it possible to know if my buyer is “serious and genuine” based on his detailed trade history of recent years?

how do you go about getting a feel of EXIMAPS?

sms TDB DEMO to 56161.

Or better, just fill in your particulars in the form given and we will be in touch with you.

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