About Us

The Dollar Business is a global trade analysis platform that promotes international trade with international buyers and suppliers which helps importers and exporters succeed. It improves trade strategies for companies globally with its extensive knowledge,trade intelligence tools and useful analytics. Utilizing technology and intelligence, it streamlines global operations for a variety of clientele. It helps manufacturers and exporters,importers succeed by enabling users to navigate the complex world of global trade and offers insights from 181 countries.

The Dollar Business is a beacon of hope, guiding companies with skill and commitment through the complexities of global trade.


In order to give exporters and importers around the world the most advanced trade analytics platform, our hyper-engine EXIMAPS is jam-packed with countless formulas which stitch together shiploads of information on imports and exports. We guarantee that our users receive the information they require to run their regular EXIMAPS businesses in a more efficient, prudent, successful, and timely manner.

Our clientele consists of informed, efficient, and effective decision-makers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with effective supply chains so they can gain a competitive advantage. We provide both macro and micro insights into global supply and demand trends by analyzing importer exporter patterns in great detail.

By providing knowledge of export-import markets and importer exporter needs, it helps to better manage international sourcing and meet customer expectations. Driven by elaborate analysis and technology, our comprehensive technological solution and trade intelligence tool uncovers unexplored opportunities for import-export trade expansion, cost reduction, and resource optimization.

What lies ahead

Our foundation is built upon the bricks of countless years of practical experience in Import-export trade and business. By fostering meaningful relationships between importers and exporters, this trade intelligence tool aims to elevate the future to the top of the importance chain for trade and commerce success.

You can succeed in international trade in the future with just a device and an internet connection thanks to your user-friendly, ideal, and practical trade intelligence tool. We are a young, dynamic company running the top-notch import export analysis software.

The most recent information on international import export trade and analytics technology can be found right here. We would love to hear more from you, so please get in touch with us and tell us more about your company.

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