Are you concerned about the way your foreign traders are making payments? Do you have nightmares at night about your unpaid receivables that are in the freezer with them? Are you desperate and unsure of how to get the money back?

Attention! Attention! Here's the good news. The Dollar Business (TDB) is pleased to offer its unique money recovery service, TDB RECOVER, to assist you in getting your money back.


To put it simply, TDB RECOVER is a strong and useful tool that aids exporters in getting their money back from transactions that are held up abroad. This feature assists you, the exporter, in regaining your money that has been left with foreign traders to whom you have already shipped goods. This is a specialized business that calls for proficiency in international trade as well as a thorough understanding of both national and international trade laws. How TDB RECOVER retrieves your embezzled money and returns it to you is equally artistic. It is achieved by keeping a careful balance between resolving legal concerns and the intricacies of international trade.

The Origin - Why TDB RECOVER came into existence?

The volume of international business relations has significantly increased in the modern world due to advanced technology and the acceleration of global commerce. Typically, credit terms are used in the majority of transactions. Due to this trend, businesses of all sizes and in various industries have accumulated large amounts of foreign debt. It can take a long time, be difficult, and be costly to recover money from foreign ventures or to get out of such situations. The specifics of the dynamics involved in foreign trade must be thoroughly understood. To quickly and effectively address and resolve these problems, TDB RECOVER was implemented.

Why choose TDB RECOVER to collect your money? What makes it stand out?

Several organizations and businesses that have unpaid receivables from other foreign businesses or international organizations may use the TDB RECOVER Service. In these kinds of circumstances, TDB RECOVER is crucial to the recovery of clients' funds. On behalf of the client, it oversees and collects foreign commercial debt. Its specialty is managing business accounts of all sizes, from a few days to several months. Exporters engaged in international trade can take advantage of our superior international debt collection service by using TDB RECOVER.

TDB RECOVER gives you the cutting edge
in recovering your dues because:

  • TDB RECOVER is the wise and practical substitute because it turns out to be very costly for you as the exporter to appear in court in a foreign nation and that combined with the stress, drawn-out legal proceedings.
  • TDB RECOVER assists exporters in keeping positive relationships with their current business contacts in addition to helping them quickly retrieve their money.
  • An additional noteworthy aspect is that TDB RECOVER consistently pursues a cooperative approach to settle unpaid invoices. 
  • We are prepared to manage every step of the process, from initial advice to the completion of the legal proceedings and implementation, if legal action is necessary.
  • Our primary goal is to return your money without causing you any harm or ill will to your business partnerships.

How does TDB RECOVER operate?

Our team at TDB RECOVER examines the reasons behind your customer's ongoing debt and devises a plan to recover it. It works out a fair repayment schedule and sees it through to the end. Our collection team members guarantee your money recovery with flexible lettering and payment arrangements by utilizing cutting-edge technology. These are meant to meet the needs of various kinds of customers. This kind of strategy works very well for getting the best rate for customers in the shortest amount of time.

Our empathy-driven understanding approach makes it easier for customers to respond. It minimizes bad-debt write-off provisions while increasing brand value and reputation protection. Another critical competency that our TDB RECOVER team possesses is treating customers fairly! We make sure that communication is efficient and under control so

Why rely on TDB RECOVER‘s network?

Almost every nation has regulations and distinct information protection practices. As such, the strategy, process, and approach to recovery will differ from nation to nation. This is where TDB RECOVER's knowledge base is useful.

Almost all international tracking requires verification from a knowledgeable local researcher. Reaching out to local contacts on foreign territory is a simple and resourceful way to leverage TDB RECOVER's well-connected network.

Every nation has statistics that are essential to the operation of their systems. Therefore, even though it is difficult for a single exporter to learn about it, TDB RECOVER has a competitive advantage that speeds up the money recovery process thanks to its network and established tie-ups.

The following three factors are critical when getting your money back from overseas territory: lawful.


The goal of TDB RECOVER is to retrieve exporter funds that are still owed to the foreign trader to whom shipments have been made. TDB RECOVER will initiate contact with the foreign trader by sending collection letters, calling, and scouring through multiple databases. TDB RECOVER will motivate the foreign trader to return the funds after they have been located. In order to aid in the recovery of your funds, if you are the exporter and would like to do so through us, you are free to provide us with the following details:
Name and address
Date of birth
Account number
Payment history
Legally speaking, however, there is no requirement that the foreign trader get in touch with us. Once inside the mesh, though, TDB RECOVER takes control of the situation by fully adhering to both international and national legal requirements for foreign traders. TDB RECOVER smoothly facilitates your money recovery without interfering with your business relationships thanks to cutting-edge technology, updated databases, and a strong network connecting you to local sources.
You should first follow up with your foreign trader on a regular basis. When the payment is past due, you have to pursue them even harder if you really want your money.
Reminders, phone calls, and letters should all be part of the routine. Senior members' involvement can speed up the procedure. It can also be beneficial to copy a letter to the company's financial director. The process can be aided by an order from the board of directors or senior management.
Furthermore, a legal dispute does not always mean that a business partnership is over. What counts are the skill with which the money is extracted and the portrayal of the issue.
It is important to keep in mind that the likelihood of


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