A complete financial answer to all of your working capital problems is TDB InstaMoney. It's a specially designed enabler that makes sure you never lose out on an export opportunity because you are short on funds. Better still, it mitigates the risks associated with foreign buyer defaults and payment delays, thereby warranting tension-free exports.

Furthermore, it is not complicated in any way. TDB InstaMoney is a straightforward yet comprehensive suite of services meant to assist you in reaching new heights in international trade. InstaMoney handles every facet of export financing, from vetting buyers for creditworthiness to managing and collecting accounts receivable, from assuming credit risk to providing 100% write-off protection.

Benefits of InstaMoney Offers

  • Enhances liquidity: With InstaMoney, you can release money that's held in reserve for unpaid bills. Up to 80–90% of the invoice value may be paid upfront, which will strengthen the working capital position of your company. Enhanced liquidity also shortens the operating cycle of the company, which boosts output, revenue, and profit
  • No collateral needed: You shouldn't worry about getting collateral arranged. Since funding is based on the invoice value and the standing of the foreign buyer, collateral is not required to obtain financing.
  • Low interest rates: The cost of financing obtained through InstaMoney is generally less than the cost of funds associated with traditional financing options because the discount/interest rate is correlated with the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR. Even if you're not having trouble with cash flow, InstaMoney can be an affordable way to cut expenses. 
  • Flexible Open Account Terms: Buyers are not interested in a deal that places the financial burden on them [as has been the case with traditional financing options like Letter of Credit (LC)] in the fast-paced world of international trade today. Exporters can provide buyers with more favorable D/P (Documents Against Payment), D/A (Documents Against Acceptance), and Open Account (O/A) payment terms by using InstaMoney. They may be able to attract more customers and boost their export revenue as a result.
  • Currency selection: Offers the ability to obtain funding in EUR, USD, GBP, or INR. The ability to select the currency makes dealings with overseas buyers easier and most likely less costly.
  • Credit protection against buyer defaults: Unlike the majority of traditional financing options, which lack credit protection against payment defaults, InstaMoney gives you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on growing your business.
  • MIS report access: InstaMoney is an off-balance sheet financing method. Therefore, it does not encumber assets or result in a liability on the balance sheet. You can therefore keep enjoying your "debt-free" business status.
  • Increases negotiating power: An exporter's ability to negotiate higher business volumes is enhanced by InstaMoney's open account terms.

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