INBOX October 2017 March 2018 issue

INBOX October 2017

We value your feedback, whether criticism or appreciation. And Here are a few that hit our mailboxes in september 2017

I have been a subscriber of your magazine and your services for some time now. I am glad to say that I am satisfied with both the quality of your magazine and your services. I find the topics covered in The Dollar Business to be both informative and analytical. Keep up the good work and continue to educate the foreign trade fraternity with your impeccable articles.

Ranjith Rayabhari

Managing Partner, Adarsh Eco
Friendly Specialty Papers
[email protected]

INBOX October 2017

The Dollar Business editorial team should be proud of the good work it has been doing. You have motivated me to aim higher in foreign trade, and I am sure there are many readers like me who feel encouraged by your magazine. We need more platform like yours that can voice our concerns. The revamped website is user friendly and I hope it will continue to benefit many businesses like ours.

Parapurath Pradeep

Proprietor, Whitenair Technologies
[email protected]


It’s after a long time that I found a good magazine related to international trade. The Dollar Business offers good data and analyses and is definitely an excellent resource for importers and exporters. I also find your website to be very informative and helpful for exporters like us. I look forward to reading each issue of the magazine with great interest.

Mohan Das

[email protected]


The September issue of the magazine looked great! In fact, all the issues that I have read have been outstanding. The Dollar Businesses is a highly informative magazine and your selection of topics is impeccable. That said, it will be very helpful for our business if you could carry more stories on bakery products, food ingredients and coconut products.


Partner, G. P. Impex, Bangalore
[email protected]


The Dollar Business is a well-detailed publication, with good insights into the world of exports and imports. I am a subscriber and each month I look forward to reading the magazine. The information on the website is also very useful for the foreign trade community, and the EXIMAPS feature is outstanding. It will be useful if you could carry some more stories related to the logistics sector.

R. Jayakumar

Gomas Systems
[email protected]


I am really delighted to read the articles in your magazine. Each issue of the magazine has stories that can help the foreign trade community. Your website too has plenty of useful data. It appears very useful a medium of information for exports from not just India but even to those overseas looking at India as a market for imports.

Chintan Sampat

Partner, Oman Trade
[email protected]


I came across The Dollar Business website while searching for foreign trade-related data, and I must say this is a very useful site. I am interested in the latest Customs Notifications and their interpretations and will be grateful if you could carry more interpretations on your website.

Ramakrishnan Balakrishnan

Coromandel International Limited
[email protected]