Monologue - People Speak - May 2016 March 2018 issue

Monologue - People Speak - May 2016

GST will happen. I cannot give a timeframe, but it will happen. It was our commitment, and it is about to happen. 

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India 

On the GST Bill, which keeps getting pushed back 

Source: PTI 

We believe that Iraq’s success can bring stability and prosperity to hundreds of millions of people. This is one reason the World Bank is deeply invested in helping Iraqis build a path to a better tomorrow. It’s also why Iraq will feature prominently in our plans to invest $20 billion in the Middle East and North Africa’s development by 2021.Jim Yong Kim


Jim Yong Kim

President, World Bank 

On World Bank’s support to Iraq for economic growth 



 Source: World Bank


It is not possible to say that we have fully realised the potential economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries... We have great expectations from you well esteemed representatives of prominent American companies as well as Turkish entrepreneurs, to recover this shortfall.



Recep Tayyip Erdogan

President of Turkey 

Inviting American companies to invest in Turkey during a dinner in Washington D. C. 




 Source: Anadolu Agency 


We are going to have to see that we strengthen our industry to be able to ride out this period, to maintain the market share; and I may assure you that most of the sectors are managing to maintain their market share, even increase their market share.



Rita Teaotia

Commerce Secretary 

Addressing concerns of falling exports 




 Source: PTI 


We are cooperating successfully in many areas… In April, we will transfer the world’s first liquefied natural gas fuelled icebreaker to our Finnish partners.



Vladimir Putin

President of Russia 

On increasing trade with Russia’s neighbour, Finland 




 Source: UPI 


As one of the largest economies in the region, India has an important role to play in this transformation and at this time, which many describe as the Asian century.Jaitly


Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister of India 

On his view that the Indian economy will gather momentum in the coming years 



 Source: IANS



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