TDB Forum – Ask a question – September 2016 March 2018 issue

TDB Forum – Ask a question – September 2016

In the world of export-import, each shipment counts. And you cannot afford to make any “uninformed investment”. So, if you have any doubt or a question, ask us. Our team of experts at The Dollar Business Intelligence Unit will be happy to answer your queries. Your question(s), if approved, will also be published on, and/or in forthcoming issue of
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I am an exporter of black Assam tea. I have exported three containers so far, but have not been able to obtain the 3% reward entitled to my product under MEIS Scheme. I had mentioned ‘yes’ for MEIS incentive claim while filing the shipping bills. When I contacted the DGFT office, they told me that the procedure to claim incentive is mentioned on the DGFT website and I need to file an application online to claim the reward. Since I am not an expert in documentation, can you help me out with the process? (Tabrez Khan, Manager, Aman International, Guwahati, Assam, [email protected], +91-9954278XXX)

Dear Tabrez: Para 3.14 of HBP [regarding Declaration of Intent on shipping bills for claiming rewards under MEIS] clearly states that “export shipments filed under all categories of the Shipping Bills would need the following declaration on the Shipping Bills in order to be eligible for claiming rewards under MEIS: We intend to claim rewards under Merchandise Exports From India Scheme (MEIS).” Such declaration shall be required even for export shipments under any of the schemes of Chapter 4 (including drawback), Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 of FTP. Further, when it comes to EDI Shipping Bills, marking/ ticking of “Y’ (for Yes) in “Reward” column of shipping bills against each item is mandatory. Since you have checked the box as ‘YES’ besides making the declaration of intent on the shipping bill, realising the benefit should not be a problem for you.

Response by: Steven Philip Warner, President (VMPL) & Editor-in-Chief, The Dollar Business

Can you help me identify the biggest ginger importing countries in the world? (Sandeep, Partner, Glory Sky LLP, Delhi, [email protected], +91- 9818808XXX)

Dear Sandeep: Ginger is exported or imported under three HS Codes namely 091010 (Ginger), 091011 (Ginger, neither crushed nor ground) and 091012 (Ginger, crushed nor ground). While Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Antigua and Barbuda are the three biggest importers of ginger falling under HS Code 091010, Japan, USA and Netherlands are the three biggest importers of the product (ginger, neither crushed nor ground) falling under HS Code 091011. When it comes to ginger (crushed or ground) falling under HS code 091012, Japan, Germany and USA are the three biggest importers of the product in the world. However, out of the three HS codes, ginger falling under HS code 091011 is being imported the most. More of such pure, researched data is available to members of The Dollar Business Grow Programme. (You can read more on TDB Membership Programme on In case you have further queries, do write back to us.

Response by: Manish K. Pandey, Editor, The Dollar Business  

I want to export water purifiers to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. I already have an IEC, Central Service Tax (CST) registration number and Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number. How can I contact potential buyers in these countries? (Keyur, Manager, Balaji Sales Agencies, Gujarat, [email protected], +91-9727836XXX)
Dear Keyur: We assume you are interested in exporting water purifiers for household use falling under HS Code: 8412120. The top five export markets for India for this product are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Philippines, and in that order. Interestingly, these top five markets accounted for about 83% of India’s exports of the said category in CY2015.

However, if you were to choose the top two markets, on the basis of most recent monthly exports data (provided by TDB Intelligence Unit), we would suggest you to focus on Bangladesh and Indonesia. African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia too offer lucrative opportunities to exporters of water purifiers. More of such pure, researched data is available to members of The Dollar Business Grow Programme. (You can read more on TDB Membership Programme on Besides detailed product/product group reports, TDB Grow Programme members get access to unique advanced intelligence features like Heat Map, Opportunity Index, Competition Index, Pricing Index, Export Incentive Calculations, estimated freight rates, trade fairs related to your product/product group, World Consumption Pattern, SWOT Analysis, names of recommended ports, etc. – all such compilation of researched facts that make for a tailor-made solution for an inspired and determined entrepreneur like you.

When it comes to identifying potential buyers in these countries, you can approach your concerned export promotion council – Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) – for assistance or directly reach out to potential buyers by posting your product information on From discovering the best markets to source from or supply to, to overcoming statutory and procedural challenges with respect to exports-imports documentation, to identifying the right logistics partners, The Dollar Business International Marketplace understands all your requirements and accordingly connects you with the right market and partners so that you can make a fortune out of foreign trade.

Additionally, since you desire to venture into the world of foreign trade, we would also suggest you to take The Dollar Business Export Potential Test to evaluate how ready you are to take the plunge into a world of business that’s wide and exciting! You can find the test on Of course, the test is completely free! In case you have further queries, do write back to us.

Response by: Indranil Das Executive Editor, The Dollar Business

I want to import 3D bedsheets (one 20 feet container) from China, both cotton and polyester (GSM 120 approx.). What will be the approximate freight from Shanghai to NhavaSheva? (Piyush, Director, KintanCreation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, +91-9374455XXX, [email protected])

Dear Piyush: We assume you are interested in knowing the approximate freight and insurance rates for a 20 feet FCL laden with 120 GSM 3D bedsheets (ITC HS Code 630419) from Shanghai (China) to Nhava Sheva (India). Assuming an average weight of 1.5 kg per unit (230X250CM unit with packaging), a 20 ft. FCL can be allowed to hold a maximum of 14,000 units (maximum load weight of 22 tonne). Considering an FOB price of Rs.294 per unit (going by recent shipment data), the total FOB value of your shipment will be Rs.41,16,000 or $63,323 (at an exchange rate of USDINR of 65). Total freight and insurance charges for this volume and value of textile comes to anywhere between $1,102 and $1,218. [In case our assumption about the intended import product isn’t exact, please write to us.

Response by: Dr. A. K. Sengupta, Chief Consulting Editor, The Dollar Business