British IT firm merges with Indian software firm

British IT firm merges with Indian software firm

Merger will enable both entities to jointly expand services to new regions and markets.

Source: PTI

British IT and software firm RSK Business Solutions has merged with its Indian partner BSL Information Technology to jointly deliver consultancy services in different parts of the world.

England-headquartered RSK Business Solutions Limited (RSK BSL) merged with its Gurgaon-based Indian partner BSL Information Technology Private Limited (BSLi) to create UK-registered RSK Business Solutions Holdings Limited.

The merger will enable both entities to jointly expand services to new regions and markets, the firms said on Monday.

"The merger will enable us to provide a wider range of services to new and existing clients while maintaining the high levels of customer service and the high quality of output to which our clients have become accustomed," Managing Director of the new holding company Danny Bird said.

"This is very exciting time for us and the merger adds a brand value to the quality service currently offered by our technical staff to range of customers worldwide," Operations Director of RSK Business Solutions Holdings Limited Praveen Joshi said.

The two companies claim to deliver consultancy services that help clients minimise business risks and maximise their business performance.

"Their knowledge and experience of managing business and project risks across a wide range of industry sectors help to provide clients with practical solutions that combine traditional management principles with the bespoke software solutions that are essential in today's working environment," RSK BSL said in a release.

Since 2009, BSLi and RSK BSL have worked together successfully under a partnership agreement. RSK BSL manages most of the contracts and provides on-site consultancy, project management, support and risk assessment services directly to clients while BSLi provides technical resources, back office support and a research and development centre.

The merger has also enabled RSK Group plc to gain ownership in BSLi, which will enable the group to win larger projects and fuel growth in the UK, European and US markets.

It also means that RSK will now have an operations base in India that will enable it to expand its environmental and technical services to the region.

The new structure will see no change to staff employment contracts or to terms and conditions agreed with clients.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 21, 2016 12:00 IST