China provides Rs. 15.80 bn to Nepal for reconstruction

China provides Rs. 15.80 bn to Nepal for reconstruction

The Nepalese Cabinet decided to accept grant worth Nepalese Rs.15.80 bn from China.


China has provided Rs.15.80 billion to Nepal for post-quake reconstruction activities, a senior minister has said.

The Cabinet meeting yesterday decided to accept the grants worth Nepalese Rupees 15.80 billion provided by China, said Surendra Kumar Karki, Minister for Information and Communications.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers also decided to register the election (crime and punishment) bill at the Legislature-Parliament.

Decision was made to send a proposal to legislation committee on a work procedure to study the agreement government made with Govinda KC, and forward implementations accordingly, Karki said.

A committee would be formed by the government under the coordination of chief judge of appellate court, Govinda Prasad Parajuli, to study on the government employees and teachers who were sacked from the jobs on the basis of ideology during the conflict and agitation.

The members of the committee are Deputy Attorney General at the Office of the Attorney General, Rewati Shivakoti, and Director at Department of Education, Ana Prasad Neupane.


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PTI - Dec 12, 2016 12:00 IST