Modi eyes to cement ties with US on his visit

Modi eyes to cement ties with US on his visit

Modi’s visit to the US will highlight the collaboration between the two countries.

The Dollar Business Bureau

On the eve of the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington, the White House has said that the visit will highlight the collaboration and “shared leadership” between US and India on the world stage.

A senior administration official said that the PM Modi’s visit to the US celebrates the outstanding transformation in US-India relations. In the last seven years, both countries have cemented a long lasting bond of friendship, developed on democratic values, open cultures, and admiration for a rule-based order.

“From discussions on climate change and clean energy solutions, to strengthening their economic and trade relations, to protecting cyberspace as a driver for growth, to protecting their shared spaces on the sea, in air and space, the world would be better when the two countries lead together,” the official said.

On the other hand, the two leading dailies of the US – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and New York Times (NYT) said that Obama building the ties with Modi are mainly focussed at China.

NYT reported that the US is supporting the rise of India as a huge Asian Partner to control China. And India is aiming to speed up its economic growth through investments from American firms.

WSJ reported that before turning the reins over to the new President of the US, the White House is looking to enhance defence and economic cooperation with India.

So far, the two leaders have met six times, since Modi became the Prime Minister in May last year.