Plasticulture can lift agro output to Rs.68,000 cr

Plasticulture can lift agro output to Rs.68,000 cr

The agriculture output can increase to Rs.68,000 crore by using plasticulture applications.

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Agricultural output can increase to Rs.68,000 crore by using plasticulture applications in all pre and post-harvest requirements, a report by FICCI and Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) said.

The term ‘Plasticulture’ is referred to the use of plastics in agriculture in a scientific way that not only enhances the productivity but also improves the input resources.

While releasing the report, prepared by FICCI and TSMG, in New Delhi on Friday, Hukmdev Narayan Yadav, Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, highlighted the plasticulture benefits in agriculture.

Yadav suggested that plastics industry in India should encourage sustainable development by funding in technologies that safeguard the environment and stimulate growth whereas balancing economic requirements and monetary constraints.

The report focused on the adoption of various plasticulture techniques and how it will work in order to bring further prosperity to the Indian agricultural segment.

Speaking at the event, Avinash Joshi, Joint Secretary of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Government of India said, “Government has taken several steps to facilitate the sector’s growth. The industry would set targets to bring in effective technologies. For this, the industry has to invest more in Research & Development.”

In his address, Shakil P Ahmed, Joint Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare highlighted the use of plastic in agriculture. “This technique can help in accomplishing at least 50 percent of planned target in agriculture,” he said.

“The continuously increasing population of India is creating a challenge to ensure food security in the country, thus, placing pressure on the agriculture sector to enhance the level of production with limited resources by increasing efficiencies and controlling food wastage,” said Manish Panchal, Senior Practice Head - Chemical & Energy, Tata Strategic Management Group.

Vinay Mathur, Deputy Secretary General, FICCI discussed several points during the event such as the declining quality and availability of water resources, and the significance of adopting plasticulture to ensure sustainability of the agricultural techniques.