looks to widen its global customer-base looks to widen its global customer-base

The online portal,, has been designed to help traders get best ocean freight rates on their shipments

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Having been recognised as the ‘best e-commerce platform for shipping and logistics’ earlier this year,, one of India’s major marketing player of global shipping and logistics companies, looks to enhance its connection with global shippers to help them save on their ocean freight rates. The online portal,, has been designed with the sole intention of helping traders get best ocean freight rates on their shipments. The portal is also intended to help Freight Forwarders NVOCCs Shipping lines secure business promotion of their preference without having the need to visit the shippers. “We are very happy that our modest contribution towards developing an internet based trade culture has been recognised and rewarded. We are committed to get better rates, smoother experience & transparent transactions through our online marketplace,” Ashutosh Shrivastava, Co-founder & CEO of, told the Dollar Business News. Currently, shipping lines have to approach mediators to aggregate the freight businesses from small & medium sized (SMB) exporters/importers, accounting for over half of the total international trade volume, since reaching out to the shippers is not economically or otherwise viable to shipping lines. “This layer of mediators between the exporter and the shipping line adds to their cost without adding too much benefit or service to them in the logistics value chain,” Shrivastava said. The company’s online portal facilitates shipping lines to work directly with exporters/importers and help them increase their margins as well as strengthen their relationship with the traders. The award ‘National Quality Achievers’ was given to for its outstanding display of quality in facilitating the global traders.  

March 15, 2016 | 05:30pm IST

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