Together They Rise

Together They Rise

The company that was started by a mother-son duo in 1993, is today a well regarded exporter of leather products with manufacturing setups in India and Spain.

Manisha Choudhari | March 2016 Issue | The Dollar Business

Together They Rise K.V. Susheela, Managing Director, Premier Leather Products

K. V. Susheela’s journey with Premier Leather Products began in 1993. The company was actually bought over by her son, and she invested in it – the initial investment amounted to Rs.2-3 lakh. Come today, and her company is a well-known name when it comes to exports of leather products, with manufacturing plants in India and Spain. About 75% of the workers are women, and the company enjoys good support from the government and banks. Other than handwoven shoe uppers, it also produces bags, belts and mats for exports.

Over the years, her company has won several accolades, including 'The Century International Quality Era Award 2004' in Geneva for its commitment to quality. “We got a standing ovation”, she recalls and adds, “they specially announced it, as they had never seen a mother-son duo in business”. When asked about the company’s plans in the years to come, she says, “We will continue exporting handwoven products in leather, but we would definitely like to use some advanced technology for it in the future.”

TDB: How do you overcome challenges? Has there been a certain challenge that stands out in your memory?

K.V. Susheela (KVS): The exports business is a challenge in itself, but with the hard work of our team, and our quality consciousness, we have been able to get where we are today.

TDB: Have your familial commitments ever affected your work? How do you strike a balance between the two?

KVS: I do not have any problems in keeping any of my commitments. Being a woman has never affected my work.

TDB: Where do you source your raw material from? Do you import or is it procured domestically?

KVS: We do not import our raw material. We use only India-made materials, and our raw material comes from Chennai itself.

TDB: As an exporter of leather products, what problems do you usually face?

KVS: Every exporter faces challenges, but our customers are friendly, and we have had a smooth run with them as our products are of brilliant quality. The only problem we face is logistics related – our goods get delayed at times, even after all our hard work to ensure that the product is manufactured on time.

TDB: What do you think of your competition? together they rise

KVS: When you are involved in any business, you will constantly be surrounded by competition. But, if your goods are of high quality, and there is promptness in delivering them, you will have your own way in the market.

TDB: Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

KVS: Work towards your goals with honesty, hard work, and dedication. Success will automatically come to you.


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