USIBC requests Trump to invite Modi for a state visit

USIBC requests Trump to invite Modi for a state visit

Trump should focus on carrying out frequent govt-to-govt interactions with India

The Dollar Business Bureau

The US India Business Council (USIBC) has written a letter to the President-elect Donald Trump suggesting him to extend an invitation to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the country for consolidating bilateral ties in the first year of assuming office. 

This has been conveyed in the list prepared by the top American business advocacy which highlighted the primary things that the 45th President of the US should take up to enhance commerce with India.  

According to USIBC president Mukesh Aghi, Trump should focus on carrying out frequent government-to-government interactions with India as has been the tradition in the last many years. It should be followed by negotiating the bilateral investment treaty with the country and extending support for India's admission into the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

Speaking from the standpoint of the top American companies having a foothold in India, the USIBC also urged Trump to do a comprehensive review of the policies and procedures that weaken US competitiveness in the Indian defence and aerospace market. The body also noted that US export control and licensing processes has positioned America at a competitive disadvantage compared to foreign competitors like the Russians.  

The letter emphasized on the fact the US has refused selling advanced defence equipment on counter proliferation grounds even when India can now purchase comparable systems from foreign suppliers due to the proliferation of advanced defence technologies. According to the body, the US should now be open to amending policies related to its defence technologies as it does not enjoy the monopoly it once had in the domain concerned. 

The Dollar Business Bureau - Nov 10, 2016 12:00 IST