HS Codes Chapter
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter 210690Harmonized System Codes of Chapter 210690 :FOOD PREPARATIONS, NOT ELSEWHERE SPECIFIED OR INCLUDED
HS Codes Heading
Heading Codes Heading Description
21069011 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Sharbat
21069019 Other:Soft drink concentrates
21069020 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Pan masala
21069030 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Betel nut product known as œSupari
21069040 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Sugar-syrups containing added flavouring or colouring matter, not elsewhere specified or included; lactose syrup; glucose syrup and malto dextrine syrup
21069050 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Compound preparations for making nonalcoholic beverages
21069060 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Food flavouring material
21069070 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Churna for pan
21069080 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Custard powder
21069091 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Diabetic foods
21069092 Other:Soft drink concentrates:Other:Sterilized or pasteurized millstone
21069099 Other:Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included
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