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Inbox January 2015

We value your feedback, whether criticism or appreciation. And here are a few that hit our mailboxes in December 2014 December-Cover-TheDollarBusiness Logistics seldom finds mention in the media. The Dollar Business’ focus on what drives this industry and also the various issues involved in creating the right environment for this very important segment should be appreciated. I, as an exporter, also consider it very important in selecting the right service with all facilities, from which point of view, I feel the survey and analysis was informative. My compliments. Keep up the good work. - Joginer, New Delhi ________________________________________________________________________ The Dollar Business Prime Focus on the currency war made for some thought-provoking read. The interview with Peter Schiff, with his no-holds barred views, should make the establishment sit up and take notice. I am eagerly looking forward to more such analyses and interviews. – Swapnajit, Kolkata ________________________________________________________________________   The December issue of The Dollar Business was quite  interesting and provided many insights into export -import issues. When do you think the FTP will be released? – Kiran, Bengaluru _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being a The Dollar Business reader for the last six months, I have always been thinking of writing to you guys. Trust me, this is the best business magazine available in India, and the best part about it is the tons of interviews that you carry every month. It was interesting to find the perennial RBI critic Surjit Bhalla actually praising its forex policy. – Yugendher, Chennai _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The interview with J. K. Dadoo in December threw some interesting lights on the various aspects of anti-dumping and the many rules related to applying these rules. However, there have been many complaints about the objective, nature and purpose of its application in different areas. I think the laws require more in-depth scrutiny. – Jeevan, Mumbai _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Policy Focus feature on renewable energy was timely, since this is the need of the hour for India. While on this, it is also high time the confusion related to solar energy is sorted out. The Indian government has to come out with cerebral policies so that there is no confusion in the minds of companies present in this sector. – Deepak, Kochi _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a very short period of time, The Dollar Business has become a must read for me. The highlight of the December issue was, no doubt, the logistics survey. Being involved in the business, although I would slightly disagree with your ranking, I definitely appreciate the effort that must have gone into doing such a comprehensive job. Cheers! - Prakash mehta, Mumbai _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Dollar Business magazine is the first-of-its-kind in the country totally dedicated to EXIM community like us. We express our happiness to be a reader. - Saravanan S., Magee Exports, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu