INBOX June 2017 March 2018 issue

INBOX June 2017

We value your feedback, whether criticism or appreciation. And Here are a few that hit our mailboxes in May 2017

I have been a persistent reader of The Dollar Business magazine since 2015. Almost every day, I browse through your website. I have noticed some major changes in the website, with new schemes for exporters. I congratulate The Dollar Business team for introducing such initiatives for us. I have recommended the website to my colleagues and I hope The Dollar Business will grow manifold in the coming years.

Samapika Sanyal

Officer – International Operations,
Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.
[email protected]

I have been a subscriber of The Dollar Business magazine since 2015. The magazine is highly informative and discusses current and relevant issues related to international business. However, I have two suggestions. First, I would like to read stories on failures in exim business. This, I believe, will educate both experienced and budding entrepreneurs and refrain them from making the same mistake. Second, I would like you to publish fresh and cancelled Importer Exporter Codes (IECs) every alternate month, so that we can get an idea of the number of people entering and exiting the exim business. 

Aehsan Khan

[email protected]

I am a subscriber of The Dollar Business magazine and I find the magazine very informative, especially when it comes to international trade affairs. I read it from front to end each month. It is beneficial for Indian exporter and importer community. I have also downloaded your mobile application.

Saurabh Newaskar

San Printech Pvt. Ltd.,
Mumbai, Maharashtra
[email protected]


INBOX June 2017

As an ardent reader of The Dollar Business magazine, I must tell you that I am very impressed with all your features on special economic zones (SEZs). I would request you to also publish some articles on how macroeconomics has impacted India as well as other economies across the globe.

M. Narsimha Reddy

[email protected]

I really enjoy reading the magazine. I find the stories published in The Dollar Business very informative, especially those on the handloom industry. It would be very helpful for traders if you could feature regular columns forecasting the dollar-rupee movement.

Ramesh Varakhedkar

[email protected]

You are doing a great job by publishing remarkable stories on international business. I particularly like the product stories because within a few minutes one can understand where India stands against other countries in that product category. I eagerly look forward to more information and analyses.

Gaurav Rathi

[email protected]

The content quality of your magazine is outstanding. I enjoyed reading the cover story titled ‘Star Exporters’. I would appreciate if you could also publish a beginner’s guide to starting an export business in India. I think it will be of help to many entrepreneurs who want to foray into the world of foreign trade.

Sibi Thomas

[email protected]