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4.07 Self Declared Authorisations where SION does not exist

(i)     Regional Authority may also issue Advance Authorisation where SION is not fixed, based on self declaration by applicant. Wastage so claimed shall be subject to wastage norms as decided by Norms Committee. The applicant shall submit an undertaking to abide by decision of Norms Committee. The provisions in this regard are given in paragraph 4.03 and 4.11 of FTP. (ii)      In case of revision / rejection, applicant shall pay duty and interest as notified by DoR within thirty days from the date of hosting of Norms Committee decision on DGFT website. (iii)     No Authorisation under this paragraph will be issued by Regional Authority for items listed in paragraph 4.11of FTP.

The Dollar Business Bureau - May 27, 2015 12:00 IST