China exports cooked chicken to US

China exports cooked chicken to US

The greater Chinese region including Hong Kong and Vietnam is a $7 billion market.

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Under a bilateral trade deal between US and China, cooked chicken will be reaching the US shores soon. The deal inked in May, was in exchange of US beef being exported to China and getting cooked chicken in return.

This development came after China decided to lift its ban (imposed in 2003) on US beef, after US beef producers were locked out from accessing the huge beef loving Chinese market, due to the spreading of mad cow disease in the bovines, spurring Japan, Mexico and South Korea halting the product from entering their shores.

The lifting of the beef ban was big news for US beef exporters as the greater Chinese region (included Hong Kong and Vietnam) is a $7 billion market. Under the exchange deal a part of the US-China Trade Agreement on May 11, 2017, China agreed to accept US beef and liquefied natural gas in exchange for cooked chicken.

Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross had announced, “Cooked chicken from birds grown and raised in China soon will be headed to America — in a trade deal that's really about beef.”

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the import of cooked chicken would be allowed if products are from poultry slaughtering establishments following strict regulations, laws and poultry inspection laws.

The US accounts for 20% of the world’s poultry meat production with China taking up 17%.

The United States trade deficit in goods and services with China was $310 billion in 2016, representing about 60% of the country’s total deficit of $500.6 billion in the same year.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Aug 31, 2017 12:00 IST