Govt to set up expert panel to better facilitate carpet exports

Govt to set up expert panel to better facilitate carpet exports

The Govt looks to ensure faster examination and disbursal of drawback on carpets.

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The Indian government will constitute a carpet export panel consisting of textile experts from the textile department and from the Export Promotion Council/Trade to ensure expeditious examination and speedier disbursal of drawback on carpets.

The Directorate General of Export Promotion (DGEP) said these experts will complete a market inquiry within fifteen days, failing which export benefits to the exporters should be extended.

The government said a post-facto action may be taken in view of results of inquiry and export benefits be held beyond 15 days only with the written approval of the Commissioner. It also underlined that exports will not be stopped.

The board “had also provided a list of members of Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) whose assistance can be taken when Customs officials are unable to ascertain the exact composition and actual value of the carpets”.

The Ministry of Textiles and CEPC has noticed that customs field formations have in past damaged the carpets during examination/inspection of export consignments. This has led to the loss of export order as well as financial loss to exporters.

“Care must be taken to ensure that export products including carpets should not be damaged or destroyed or cut for taking samples, conducting a market enquiry or otherwise,” it said.

The government also said that the CPEC and office of Textiles Committee, Mumbai can be contacted in case of speedy conduct of inquiry about composition, value, etc. of carpets.

The Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) has positioned two officials at the office of Textile Committee for attending to work pertaining to the evaluation of carpets and to sort out the cases.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Mar 30, 2017 12:00 IST