India, Spain to cooperate in port matters

India, Spain to cooperate in port matters

The MoU will help India and Spain establish joint ventures in the areas of port-led development, port efficiency, modernisation of existing ports, port engineering, maritime training and information technology

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  The government on Wednesday approved signing of an MoU between India and Spain to promote cooperation in port matters. The MoU will be signed at a mutually continent date and time. “Recognising the significant mutual benefit that can be derived from cooperation in the port matters between the two countries, it has been decided to sign the agreement with a view to strengthening cooperation and rendering sustained mutual assistance and advice on port matters and other related maritime matters,” a government statement said on Wednesday. With their cooperation in port matters, India and Spain aim to encourage and facilitate port developmental projects and also work together to enhance and stimulate steady growth of maritime traffic. The two countries also look forward to undertake regular exchange and training of staff and students from their respective maritime establishments and exchange necessary information for accelerating and facilitating the flow of commercial goods at sea and at ports. The MoU will also help them establish joint ventures in the areas of port-led developments through modernisation of existing ports. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, in the last one and half years, has asserted the need to improve India’s port transportation. The government had earlier announced that it will set up 30 water ports on the Ganga to better facilitate exports and reduce cost of goods as well as passenger traffic.


December 17, 2015  | 03:25pm IST

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