Toyota unlikely to launch new vehicles until 2020

Toyota unlikely to launch new vehicles until 2020

Toyota has got a plan of launching hybrid vehicles and hydrogen vehicles globally.

The Dollar Business Bureau

Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer, said it seems ‘unlikely’ for the company to introduce new models in India until 2020 when the new norms on emission kick in and till then it will be able to manage with its prevailing portfolio in the country.

Toyota, which operates in the country through its joint venture with Kirloskar group, is planning to come up with hybrids and state-of-the-art technology vehicles in India as part of its long-term approach.

“We can’t bring in a technology whether petrol or diesel vehicles and then have Euro-IV suddenly kick in that they have promised by 2020. So right now up till 2020 at least it seems very unlikely that we will bring in any of the gasoline and diesel models,” Shekar Viswanathan, Vice Chairman and Whole Time Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor told PTI.

Once the Indian government brings in new norms on fuel across the country then we will be in a position to launch new models, Viswanathan added.

However, he was hopeful that after the government lifts the ban on vehicles of 2000cc and above, the company would be in better position to discuss to the parent company.

Explaining about the investment freeze in India, he said that there will no new investment in machines and plant, but there could be more investments to bring in models.

On the question of long-term strategy, Viswanathan said that globally, Toyota has got a plan of launching hybrid vehicles and hydrogen vehicles but added that this does not mean the company will stop manufacturing petrol or diesel vehicles in India.

On India-specific strategy, he said, “In India, in coming ten years, if the government lays emphasis to incentivise manufacturing of hybrid vehicles, Toyota will do it more rapidly.”

Toyota’s Camry Hybrid has been received well in India’s market, he added.

The Dollar Business Bureau - Sep 01, 2016 12:00 IST