US recognises India as major defence partner: US Def Secretary

US recognises India as major defence partner: US Def Secretary

Mattis said one of the key priorities of the US is to empower nations in the region.

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Defence Secretary James Mattis has said that the United States recognises India as a key defence partner partially out of respect for the country’s crucial role in keeping stability in Indian Ocean region.

The US is looking for new ways for addressing the new challenges from the maritime security to the rising risks posed with spreading terrorism in the Southeast Asian region, the Defence Secretary said while speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue.

“For example, we recognise India, the most populous democracy in the world, as a major defence partner. We did so in part out of respect for India’s indispensable role in maintaining stability in the Indian Ocean region,” he said.

Mattis asked all the nations to come forward to sufficiently contribute to their own security.

“Simultaneously, we encourage them for actively look for opportunities and seek partnerships with the like-minded countries just as we do the same to maintain and sustain the peace,” he said.

We will continue our efforts to closely engage with our partners, creating on latest progress, he added.

The Defence Secretary said that one of the major priorities of the US Defence Department is to work for the empowerment of nations in the region so that they can strongly contribute for their own stability and peace.

“The countries in the Pacific region are clearly critical for strengthening and transforming the primary security structure which has enabled immense regional prosperity. We do not take for granted that prosperity or peace,” he said. 

The Dollar Business Bureau - Jun 05, 2017 12:00 IST