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Anti-Dumping Investigation Extension Letter

Dated 13th March, 2018 | Copy of | Extension Letter |


All Interested parties,

Extension of time for filing questionnaire response in anticircumvention
investigation concerning the alleged circumvention
of anti-dumping duty imposed on the imports of “Glass Fibre”,
originating and exported from China PR vide Customs Notification
No.48/2016-Customs dated 1st September,2016. 

With regard to the above stated matter, regarding the request of extension of time for filing questionnaire response in the anti-circumvention investigation, the matter was carefully examined and extension is granted up to 9th April, 2018.

2. You will appreciate that the anti-circumvention investigations are time bound. It is also noted that no request for further extension will be entertained. Keeping this in mind, you are requested to avail the opportunity to file the responses within the extended time frame.

(Agneshwar Sen)
Additional DGFT

Issued by:
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties
New Delhi