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Launch of e-MPS- facility to make online payment for miscellaneous applications

Dated 14th March, 2018 | Copy of | TRADE NOTICE NO.25/2018 |


1. All Regional Authorities of Directorate General of Foreign Trade
2. Members of Trade

Launch of e-MPS- facility to make online
payment for miscellaneous applications.

DGFT has always endeavoured to promote case of doing business by providing online mode for submission of applications for various FTP schemes and digital payment for these applications. Still, there are applications like amendment of license, payment of composition fee etc. where facility of online payment is not available. To bridge this gap, a facility is being made available to make online payment of fee/charges for all the applications where payment is currently being made through manual mode i.e. through Demand Draft/Bank Receipt.

Using this facility, the online payment can now be made even for a manual application made to a DGFT Regional Office/DGFT HQ. The proof of payment, along with the relevant application
has to be submitted to the concerned DGFT Regional Authority (RA)/DGFT HQ.

On submission, the concerned DGFT Regional Office will authenticate the payment from the system and update it as utilized. The DGFT Office will print the receipt, having unique DGFT reference number, of payment received and will link it with the particular application submitted. The fee for the application will be treated as paid and application will be processed.

Both, the online payment and manual mode payment will be allowed for one month from the issue of this trade notice. The issues reported and problem faced with thee-MPS will be addressed in this one month period. At the expiry of the one month period all the fee payments will have to be made electronically only. It has to be noted that this new facility is not to be used for making payment for applications where an online payment facility coupled with online application facility is already available. For example; fee for MEIS has to be paid through the
MEIS application module only.

The facility of online payment can be accessed from DGFT website using Online Application - > ECOM -> Online ECOM Application path or from link. The applicant has to login using his Digital Certificate. Login ids/pwds have been created for DGFT offices to access this module. The user guide for both members of the trade and internal users of DGFT Offices can be downloaded from the above link.

(K.P. Singh)
Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade

Issued by:
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
New Delhi


The Dollar Business Bureau - Mar 14, 2018 12:00 IST