First consignment of Indian mangoes arrive in Australia

First consignment of Indian mangoes arrive in Australia

The first consignment of around 400 trays arrived in Sydney this week.

The Dollar Business Bureau 

Mango, the king of fruits, has finally reached Australia from India, with an inaugural shipment of about 400 trays of mangoes landing in Sydney this week.

The mangoes from India have been exported to Australia after the protocol was revised last month allowing the Indian fruit to cross into the Australian shores. As per Australian regulations, the fruit was allowed into their country only after being treated with irradiation prior to leaving from India.

This week, the first consignment of around 400 trays arrived in the markets of Sydney with the second consignment reaching next week the markets of Perth, as reported by ABC.

The first consignment includes the kesar variety and was received by Perfection Fresh Australia (PFA), Australia’s largest fresh produce marketing company.

The Alphonso variety, also known as the ‘king of mangoes’, will reach the Aussie shores in the next few weeks.

Michael Simonetta, Chief Executive, PFA, said, “The fruit had a little bit of blemish on the skin and wasn't as evenly coloured as we expected it to be, so we're in the process now of getting it to colour more evenly and then offer it for sale following that. The eating quality is quite nice. It's pleasant to eat.”

The mango season in India runs from the month of March until the July-end.

The exports of mango from India are expected to beat last year’s level and reach a mark of 50,000 tonnes in the current fiscal, backed by a robust demand and supply of the fruit, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) said earlier.

The Dollar Business Bureau - May 05, 2017 12:00 IST